About Us:

Welcome to Salmon & Partridge suppliers of the worlds finest fishing  tackle and sporting equipment.

We have evolved from Purely Fly Fishing, a highly successful supplier of Fly Fishing equipment to the UK as well as the international market. We successfully lead the way and brought many new and innovative brands into the UK market from the USA and Europe. 

However as time went on we expanded into providing shooting equipment, our second love and also luggage to provide a more complete range of sporting equipment to our customers. We also branched into the sporting holiday market, which has proved very successful. 

In 2009, we created the Salmon & Partridge as a sporting equipment brand, starting of with a stunning range of country clothing with a signature tweed and a distinctive Salmon Pink lining!  

We feel that country clothing can break away from the traditional drab colors, old fashioned cuts  and boring linings, to some thing more fun and exciting for boys and girls, young and those young at heart. 

Our aim is for Salmon & Partridge to make Country Sports sexy and fashionable starting off with clothing with our own line of fishing and shooting equipment and further ranges, which will follow in due course. 

The name 'Salmon & Partridge`, represents one of the most prized fish to catch and birds to shoot in the British Isles, just as we provide some of the most prized sporting equipment on offer, so therefore are offering the īSalmon & Partridge` of sporting equipment. 

Many thanks,

William Culbert

Salmon & Partridge