Sporting Holidays:

Hunting in Africa 

Matola Game Reserve , Eastern Cape , South Africa

(In conjunction with Iain MacGregor and hosted by him)

Please contact us for more information if you are interested. 

This “Introduction to hunting in Africa” programme has arisen as many shooters would love to go and experience the adventure, but, naturally, are wary of setting off unprepared.

Now, at Matola, we can give you the chance to prepare yourself to make the most of this and your future trips.


Day 1:

Collected by Professional Hunters at East London Airport and transported to Lodge. Assignment of accommodation, settling in, introduction to staff, introduction to the planned programme, dinner, relaxation.

Day 2:

0800 – Breakfast in Lodge overlooking the magnificent Kibusi river gorge.

0900 – Lecture – Rifle Safety - in the lodge, in accommodation bungalows, in the vehicle and whilst out hunting. Introduction to the rifles you will be using. How telescopic sights work, the importance of correct eye placement, shadow, mirage, wind etc.

1000 - African animals. A breakdown of the animals on the ranch, species identification, identification of those you will be hunting, shot placement.

1100 – Coffee and cake

1130 – Practical work on the shooting range. 10 shots each with the various rifles on the ranch assessing which rifles suit which shooters and thus forming suitable hunting groups. Control of the rifles, operation of the bolt, loading and unloading, shooting off sticks. Safety.

1330 – Lunch

1500 – Game drives through the ranch. Safety, species identification, getting to know the property

1700 – Drinks and nibbles

1900 Dinner

This brings to an end the first of your exciting days on a hunting ranch in South Africa.

Days 3, 4 and 5:

0730 – Light snack of coffee and rusks – the traditional start to the African hunting day

0800 – out with PH’s hunting the first of your quarry species

1000 – into lodge for breakfast of homemade sausage, eggs, etc.

1100 - back out hunting

1300 – lunch

1500 until dark – hunting

1800 drinks and nibbles  

1900 Dinner

This is only a very rough programme as, obviously, as the animals are hunted, killed and taken back to the larder, schedules will have to be altered to suit.

Day 6:

Return to East London, visiting the main hunting shop or, possibly a huge taxidermy outfitter before checking in at airport and off home after a wonderful week.


Costs for this package;

  £800:00 per hunter

Package includes:

1 Blesbok

1 Impala

Extra animals are available eg. Warthog £50.00 or Blue Wildebeest cow £150.00. The ranch however, supports a fine variety of huntable species, costs for which are available on application.


Return transfer between East London and the ranch

Accommodation at the ranch (6 double bed en suite rooms)


Beverages – tea/coffee/soft drinks with meals

Laundry - daily

Licenses and local taxes

Professional Hunter

Skinner and tracker

4 x 4 hunting vehicle

Field preparation of trophies

Insurance whilst hunting

The package does not include:

 Rifles – available for hire at £6.00 per day

Alcoholic drinks – available at cash bar

Gratuities to PH, trackers and house staff

Any taxidermy costs

Observers/non shooting guests – very welcome - £85.00 per day full board